Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still helping JAPAN :)

Hey everyone!!! Well I have been kind of busy lately... working very hard with Bas on my website, and it is almost of ready... u can shop there now :)... but in the mean time I also have been very busy helping Japan with my t-shirt design... the other day I was contacted by this awesome girl named Gemma, she found me online with other artists and created her own shop: Save Japan Apparel! She also has several other shops too, but now you can actually buy my design as a t-shirt AND/OR as a tote bag! It’s $25.00 for a shirt (American Apparel) and $20.00 for a tote!
20% of the proceeds go towards the International Medical Corps, an organization actively responding to Japan’s post-disaster needs.
SO PLEASE get one :):)

The other great news to share is that my tees where also part of Helping Japan event at Long Beach Cal State University :):) We had a very, very good response from the people and a it was a very great feeling helping others :):) at that event 70% goes to the red cross :):)

ooohhhh yeaH! I almost forgot... I have tees for boys now too :):) so please go to site and purchase ur tees for helping Japan :D:D it is for a very good cause 


  1. these are so cute! you made the design? xx

  2. Hi Annalisa :) thank uuu sooo much for ur comment :) yeah... those are my designs :) i have a small online shop online, trying to sell my graphics ;) if u want one let me know :) i can get u one :)

  3. Hi and thank you for comment! I am going to check your store!

  4. Lovely designs :).


  5. cute designs

  6. Wow!You're great!Love, love, love them!I think very highly of you for your ability and for the aim!

  7. thank sooo much girls :) i am happy that u love them :) <3

  8. So pretty! Great idea!