Monday, April 4, 2011

A little bit of...

well, tomorrow i will take the tees and the graphics to the printer shop... and this is a little bit of what was going on in my mind and the process of creating... this is a mock up for the printer shop :)

so very soon i will have the final product and i will be selling them online as well :)
any comments, suggestions, questions... feel free to express ur self :D

Have a great time :)



  1. yyaayyy :) i will send u the link when get them :)

  2. this is just the mock up for the printer shop, i will let u know when the final product is done :)

  3. what?!? no men's shirts yet?? c'mon, what am i supposed to do? hahaha, if i follow ur blog, i have to be able to buy something...

  4. oohhh noooo... brian that is not enough... i r missing the wine my friend... the wine and the reggae music in the morning... that i what u supposed to do! but i will a good person this time and i will make a small collection named Bk :) u r not the first guy asking me for tees... i think i really have to consider ur gender too...

  5. Bk... i like the sound of that! Bk < it looks cool as a logo too. kinda like CK, but younger & sexier. i think u could go big time with it.