Sunday, April 3, 2011

wondering how to get traffic to my blog...

Well... i don't consider my self a good writer in Spanish ( my first language ) and i think i am the worst writer in English... i have not good grammar and i type straight out from my mind, so i have many mistakes that i catch when i read what i wrote days later ...

So being so busy with "work" and figuring out some important points for my future plans... i noticed that i created a blog that nobody reads!!!! :(...
ok... well i am very aware that blogs are like plants... u have to water the plant ( in this case... write ) in order to c ur plant grow... so maybe this is my case... writing more so people will be more aware of what is happening now...

So here i go...  :) thanks to the help of Tracy ( my sister's sister in law ) i was able to make a small wholesale order :) I LOVE JAPAN tees :) that made me really happy :) and proud :D
so i was able to help :) here u can check the link out of the store:

.... i still working on my own tees... monday i will go to the printer shop again and get 30 new tees... this time i am working  with soft viscous cotton with not seams... so we will c how it goes...  right now i am working out on a cheetah design with flowers...  :)

ok... so i will try to write more and check if that increase the traffic of my blog...


  1. Fepa!!! u r the best!! don't worry if ur blog is slow to pick up followers; u will get more with time :)

    ur tees are supercool, and i will proudly sport one as soon as the men's versions are in.

    i lov Japan too!!!


  2. Fepa is super cooooooool!!!!!!

    ur tees are awesome! i will buy one as soon as u have a men's version :)

    don't worry if u are slow to pick up followers for ur blog; they will come with time! ;) just keep doin what you do!

    u rock!

    <3 B

  3. i am trying to post a comment to my own!

  4. thank u ruidozombie :) i draw some of them by hand :) and Brian... please stop drinking kobai plum winne, people is going to think that u r obsessed with me ;)

  5. fepaaa is the best blogger on the whole 'net!!! & plum wine is good for the soul, and drunken posts are good for getting ur blog more recognition! VIVA LA FEPA!!! :)
    (y viva el vino de siruela!)

  6. jajajaajajaj!!!! siiiii!!! soy la mejor!!! el vino de Ciruela si que hace ver la verdad en dos segundos no? gracias Brayancito! por los comentarios tan dulces que produce el vino de ciruela :)

  7. I just wrote a big huge comment ,from my phone.. and I believe I just lost it... boooo :/
    Let me know, ill write it again..

  8. i didn't get ur big huge comment :( u can write it again but u can also make it short this time hahahah so it will save u time :)